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Monday May 25, 2020
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NESBA was established to engender and maintain enthusiastic interest in the various phases of music, colorguard, percussion ensembles and music education in our secondary schools. NESBA’s primary thrust is to provide an atmosphere in which education and musicality are of the utmost importance. Therefore, the core philosophy of NESBA is to provide exceptional performance opportunities for all students, using the marching band activity and competitive performances as a tool in effective music and visual arts education.

It is the intent of NESBA to encourage a spirit of cooperation, dialogue, and sportsmanship amongst Directors, instructors, performers, and support groups. We feel that acceptance of this philosophy will insure that our activities function at the highest level of professional and educational standards.

The purposes of NESBA may be further defined as follows:

  • To promote the performance standards and levels of all performing groups;
  • To strive for excellence in the musical, visual, and performing arts;
  • To stimulate interest, appreciation and understanding of all types of programs;
  • To promote pride, enthusiasm and camaraderie amongst all individuals involved in the competitive arena;
  • To assist members at all levels of experience to identify areas of mutual concern;
  • To provide scholarship assistance to all worthy students;
  • To encourage the development of a spirit of friendship and cooperation amongst all participants. 


Price of admission at NESBA events:  (Updated June 2013)

$10.00 Adults,  $8.00 HS Students and younger/Senior Citizens  

At all final events prices are:  $15.00 Adults  $10.00 HS Students and younger/Senior Citizens.  Children 5 and under are admitted for free.



The NESBA Executive Board consists of the following positions:


President- This person is responsible for all by laws, rules, policies and procedures of the organization.  The president is to maintain relationships with all units and is to ensure that the philosophy and educational plans of the organization are always met.  The president will also work with the executive board in maintaining the fiscal health of  the organization and be the chair of all membership meetings.  The president will also enter into contracts and bids for all events that have the name of NESBA attached to them.


Treasurer- Will maintain  the fiscal health of the organization and be  the first signer for all checks and invoices that come to the organization.  The treasurer will also be the main contact in relation with the executive board, for all financial transactions at any event that has the NESBA name attached to it.  Other duties include- tax prep, expense reimbursements and collecting dues and fees for the organization.


Secretary- Will maintain minutes to all meetings and also be an assistant to the treasurer for booking meetings and events.  The secretary will be responsible for membership issues, attendance at all events and assist the full board with all duties that are needed in any event that holds the name NESBA to its title.


Chief Assigning Judge(s)-  This position will be held by one or more persons for band, guard and percussion. The intent of this position is to maintain an affiliation free base upon which judges are assigned to evaluate all performances that have the name NESBA in them.  The CAJ will use the resources available to him or her to use as many local judges as needed to fulfill assignments and when possible use travel funds to secure judges from our national data base.  If this position is divided into multiple people per season, each person will be eligible to cast one vote at all meetings.  However, no one person can vote more than once on any issue. 


Fall Activities Director- This position will handle all aspects of the marching band season and be  the main coordinator at the Fall Marching Band Championships. In conjunction with the full executive board, this position will make sure that member bands receive show location, judge and any other important details for each event.  This position will work in tandem with the CAJ to make sure all shows have proper staffing.


Winter Activities Director- This position will handle all aspects of the winter percussion and guard season and be the main coordinator at the Winter Finals events. In conjunction with the full executive board, this position will make sure that all member units receive proper show information, judge and any other important details to have a successful event.  The position will work in tandem with the CAJ to make sure all shows have proper staffing.


At Large Member(s)- There will be FOUR elected positions. Each will represent a segment of the population involved in the organization. ONE winter guard at large, ONE winter percussion at large and TWO Band Director at large. The person interested in running should be an active band director or unit director and have at least caption head level experience from the organization they represent.  These positions will represent the NESBA organization at any local and state events and could be a source of mentoring for new directors within the organization.  The At Large position(s) is also asked to assist with events and promoting the philosophy of the organization. (updated 6/15)


Past President-  The past president will assist the new president and any new board members with a seamless flow of information regarding all aspects of the organization.


All positions,  on the executive board, are voted on at our annual June meeting.    In case of a vacancy in any position the President may assign someone to the board, with the approval of the remaining members of the current Executive Board. 


Nominations for the executive board are to be sent to the current President of the organization ( or a designee in charge of the election) at least TWO weeks prior to  the June meeting. 


All positions, except for the position of At Large Band Director, can be filled by either band directors or non- band directors.  But it is asked that any one running for any position on the board be familiar with the organization and have participated within  the NESBA community. 


All elections are decided by simple majority of voting members at the June All Member Meeting.