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Sunday April 05, 2020
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Letter from a friend and supporter of NESBA.. 06/04

 Hi All... I was at the Melrose Show Saturday and just wanted to tell you how impressed I was. Congratulations to you and all the NESBA staff. First of all the guards are getting better and better each year, between the show designs and the performers, I saw a big difference from last year. On top of that , there was alot of enthusiasm and response from the audience. I haven't been that entertained in awhile. The show itself runs really smooth and it all goes by quickly. It's nice to see Massachusetts have a really great circuit again,one that represents all the talents and can manage so many groups and one that is certain to grow. I have to tell you, when I ever saw all the groups take the floor and dance among eachother before the captains came out, I was floored. You gave these kids another stage to feel good about themselves and to intermingle with all the groups dancing. I wanted to run out and dance with them, After all the practice and competition all year long they get to have some real fun! When the girl from Melrose High, beautifully sang the National Anthem, I turned to people and said "Wow! they really have something good going in NESBA"! Massachusetts is where it all started, it deserves NESBA! Congratulations once again! Thank you! Stephen Covitz