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2020 New England Color Guard Evaluation Show Hosted by Blessed Sacrament
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$75.00 show fee per unit must be paid at the event. Make checks payable to Blessed Sacrament.  Scores and placements are not announced at this show.   


Unit NamePerformance Time
Guard Novice Class  
Westford Academy Winter Guard 02:00 PM
Guard Cadet Class  
St. Anns Colorguard 02:07 PM
Guard Class C  
Dudley Middle School Winter Guard A 02:14 PM
Guard Local Scholastic Regional A  
Gansett Winter Guard 02:21 PM
Millbury High School Winter Guard 02:28 PM
Guard Local Scholastic Regional AA  
New Bedford High School Winterguard 02:35 PM
Dedham Winter Guard 02:42 PM
Salem Winter Guard 02:49 PM
Burlington HS Winter Guard 02:56 PM
Guard Class B  
Plymouth High Schools Winter Guard 03:03 PM
Guard Scholastic Regional A  
Methuen High School Winter Guard 03:10 PM
Stoughton High School Winter Guard 03:17 PM
Guard Scholastic Class AA  
Mansfield High School Winter Guard - White 03:24 PM
Triton Regional H S Winter Guard 03:31 PM
1st Half Guard Leader Retreat 03:38 PM
Guard Local Scholastic A  
North Middlesex Regional H S Winter Guard 04:08 PM
Acton Boxborough Regional HS Winter Guard 04:16 PM
Reading High School Winter Guard 04:24 PM
Blackstone-Millville Regional HS Winter Guard 04:32 PM
Wakefield High School Winter Guard 04:40 PM
Guard National Scholastic A  
Mansfield High School Winter Guard - Green 04:48 PM
Shepherd Hill Winter Guard 04:56 PM
King Philip Regional HS Winter Guard 05:04 PM
Salem Blue Winter Guard 05:12 PM
Billerica High School Winter Guard 05:20 PM
DY Odyssey Winter Guard 05:28 PM
Break 05:36 PM
Guard Independent A  
Maine Attraction 05:44 PM
Affinity Winter Guard 05:52 PM
St Anns Colorguard 06:00 PM
Guard Scholastic Open  
Dartmouth High School Winter Guard 06:08 PM
Guard Independent Open  
St. Anns Independent Open Winter Guard 06:17 PM
Blessed Sacrament Open Winter Guard 06:26 PM
Guard Independent World  
Blessed Sacrament Winter Guard 06:35 PM
Guard Leader Retreat 06:45 PM
End 07:05 PM

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