Fall Season

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We are excited to announce a tentative set of dates for our Fall Events. With all of the uncertainty of Covid-19 and the steps of re-opening the state we are proceeding cautiously optimistic!!!!

 The executive board of NESBA would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.  We are very excited to release a list of TENTATIVE dates for our fall events. These dates represent a shorter season in an attempt to give our units opportunity to prepare for their performances in a way that will insure their successful presentations.  At this time it is our plan to proceed with a normal competetive season (albeit shortened), culminating with a finals event on Nov. 1, 2020. Our first show will be scheduled for October 3 and events will be scheduled only in the month of October. The current plan for the season looks like this:

Sat Oct.3

Sun Oct.4

Sat Oct.10

Sat Oct.17

Sat. Oct. 24

Sun Nov.1 ……NESBA Marching Band Finals.

As show hosts are able to confirm their ability to host within the new guidelines we will fill in the site for each date.

Have a wonderful summer. We look forward to seeing everyone happy and healthy this fall !!!!