About Us

NESBA was established to engender and maintain enthusiastic interest in the various phases of music, colorguard, percussion ensembles and music education in our secondary schools. NESBA’s primary thrust is to provide an atmosphere in which education and musicality are of the utmost importance.

Our Executive Team

All positions, on the executive board, are voted on at our annual June meeting. In case of a vacancy in any position the President may assign someone to the board, with the approval of the remaining members of the current Executive Board.

Nominations for the executive board are to be sent to the current President of the organization (or a designee in charge of the election) at least TWO weeks prior to the June meeting.

All positions, except for the position of At Large Band Director, can be filled by either band directors or non-band directors. But it is asked that any one running for any position on the board be familiar with the organization and have participated within the NESBA community. All elections are decided by simple majority of voting members at the June All Member Meeting.

Lennie Machado


Matthew McGuire

Vice President





at large member

Kris Demoura

At Large Member


At Large Member

Mark Sachetta

At Large Member

Today, NESBA is proudly represented by some of New England’s finest marching bands, color guards and percussion ensembles in the country.

The purposes of NESBA may be further defined as follows: